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jay p blog 03/01/24

Our Lady Galadriel gives Samwise the Phial of Galadriel in Shelob’s cave. I know that technically she give it to him in Lothl√≥rien and he just opened it in the cave, so this is “JP Porcaro fan fiction”. Happy March 2024.

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jay p blog 02/29/24

Happy Leap Day, and remember, “nothing that happens on leap day counts! real life is for march!”

I have been creating Magic the Gathering card decks to go along with my slow-read of the Tolkien Middle Earth series. They are hit-or-miss but very fun to pilot.

Hope all is well with you.

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jay p blog 02/28/24

I am almost done with “The Return of the King” during my slow-read of all of Tolkien’s Middle Earth works.

There seems to be a lot of Catholic imagery in the LOTR trilogy-proper: Lembas, Galadriel, The One Ring as sin itself.

Here is someone reciting a decade of the Rosary in “Elvish”. This is not fan fiction: Tolkien himself translated these specific prayers in letters to his son Christopher. The person praying is just reading Tolkien’s actual words.