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jay p blog 07/17/24

I updated the list I keep of all the driving-distance-to-me North / Northern New Jersey stores that hold Magic the Gathering constructed weekly tournaments, or Pokemon weekly tournaments. I might add One Piece to the list at some point since my son Andrew plays it now. I leave off Magic non-constructed and Commander/edh since every single store holds those tournaments (aka those are easy to find.)

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jay p blog 07/15/24

My Magic the Gathering card decks that myself and my son play at Manifest Comics in Bayonne NJ.

I also play on MTGO, but those are all just meta decks (“netdecks”).

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jay p blogs canceled

I canceled my scheduled posts for 07/10-07/12/24 because they were boring and self-serving. Everyone thinks they are the main character and not an NPC – realizing you are an NPC is a growth step.

Probably the most interesting part, though, was I explained how I ended up as “jp,” with a portion of that story being that I didn’t own – but I was able to snag that url the day I typed those (now canceled) posts. Now & redirect here.

That is an NPC dialog from a Pokemon city on Gameboy Color if there ever was one: “I used to be know as John, then I was JP, then John again, and now I am JP” and I am just holding a Magikarp and you never figure out why I am there and what the point of that dialog was. (I guess that only makes sense if you’ve ever played pokemon).

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jay p blog 07/10/24

good times at the barber shop two weeks ago but we couldn’t convince him to keep the mullet…

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jay p blog 07/08/24

cooking with the boys

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jay p blog 06/30/24

Hello, it is me JP Porcaro. I got really bored with social media so I am not on it any more, and people think I fell off the planet!

If you have my cell #, it hasn’t changed.

My email is still

I’m still a librarian, in East Orange NJ.

My older son is in college in Texas, about to study to be a priest in Rome late next year. My younger son graduates high school next year and is then going to do 4 years of Army service. We live in downtown Bayonne NJ still. I go to Byzantine and Roman Catholic churches for the past few years.

That is about it. No other updates.

May Tom Bombadil protect us,
JP “jay p”

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jap p blog 06/20/24

the bayonne bleeder chuck wepner knocks down muhammad ali. rocky balboa was based on chuck wepner. the scene in rocky III when thunderlips (hulk hogan) throws rocky balboa over the top rope was based on the chuck wepner / andre the giant match; my pops said he saw that match live with my grandfather, wow!