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jay p blog 07/17/24

I updated the list I keep of all the driving-distance-to-me North / Northern New Jersey stores that hold Magic the Gathering constructed weekly tournaments, or Pokemon weekly tournaments. I might add One Piece to the list at some point since my son Andrew plays it now. I leave off Magic non-constructed and Commander/edh since every single store holds those tournaments (aka those are easy to find.)

family stories pokemon

jay p blogs canceled

I canceled my scheduled posts for 07/10-07/12/24 because they were boring and self-serving. Everyone thinks they are the main character and not an NPC – realizing you are an NPC is a growth step.

Probably the most interesting part, though, was I explained how I ended up as “jp,” with a portion of that story being that I didn’t own – but I was able to snag that url the day I typed those (now canceled) posts. Now & redirect here.

That is an NPC dialog from a Pokemon city on Gameboy Color if there ever was one: “I used to be know as John, then I was JP, then John again, and now I am JP” and I am just holding a Magikarp and you never figure out why I am there and what the point of that dialog was. (I guess that only makes sense if you’ve ever played pokemon).

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jay p blog 07/09/24

I made Mythic in ranked best-of-3 standard on Magic Arena in April, and I made Ultra League in Pokemon TCG ranked last month.